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Project Name:  Hegeler Carus Mansion, ca. 1874
LaSalle, Illinois
Objectives:  Establish a treatment regimen for the conservation and restoration of the plaster and finishes in this large Second Empire building (target dating 1892-1919). 
Project Date:  June 2000
Materials:  Paint, Plaster

In January of 2000, Robert Furhoff and Ron Koenig began investigating the plaster and finishes in The Hegeler Carus Mansion in LaSalle, IL. The goal of this investigation was to document the conditions of extant painted finishes, to identify and uncover decorations overpainted during the evolution of the interiors, and to establish potential treatment regimens for the conservation of, or replication of, wall and ceiling decorations. 

While the report on the investigation was intended as a working document from which the painted decoration could be conserved and restored, it was understood that further microscopic analysis would be necessary to provide schedules of color and specific placement of documented decoration. In addition, specific areas of delaminated plaster were stabilized through injection reattachment and mechanical means to minimize loss.

Three procedures were undertaken through the building to establish a treatment regimen for its finishes:
  1. Sampling and microscopic analysis
  2. Chemical and mechanical exposure of overpainted decoration
  3. Cleaning tests on extant painted decoration