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Project Name:  Detroit Athletic Club, ca. 1916
Detroit, Michigan
Objectives:  Conservation and Replication of Decorative Finishes
Project Date:  ongoing since June 1998
Materials:  Paint, Plaster, Gilding, Glazes

Construction of The Detroit Athletic Club was completed in 1916. Designed by Albert Kahn, the building is reputed to be the first in America to contain a swimming pool on the third floor. The building was completed the same year Kahn began designing The Ford Rouge complex, and two years prior to his design of the Cranbrook House for the Booth family, owners of the Detroit Free Press. 

The projects executed on The Detroit Athletic Club include:
  • Conservation of the coffered ceiling of the Grand Entry
  • Conservation of the Pompeian-inspired decorative painting executed by Duncan Carce in the Main Dining Room
  • Conservation and replication of the gilding, glazing, and painting in the First and Second Floor Elevator Lobbies
  • Conservation of the Second Floor Hallway.